Everything seems to always work out.  And even if they don’t work out as planned, I think in the end, we’ll be in perfect harmony.  

It was supposed to rain this morning.  Reports said that there was 80 percent chance of rain from 8 to 10 this Sunday morning (and class was 8:30-9:30 am).  

It drizzled a few times, but in the end, we had a joyous yoga practice in the middle of loads of greenery. 

The temperature was perfect.  I welcomed the drops of water hitting my body.

We looked up at the blue sky, instead of a ceiling.  We felt the wind in our skin.  We inhaled fresh air.  Shavasana (Relaxation pose) was so grounding, laying down outstretched, touching the earth.

What more can I ask for at that very moment?  Nothing more.  And nothing less.  

And after experiences like this, we are more equipped to accept things that come our way.  Come what may.


My cousin used to say if wait on the weather to build something outside every time they say Rain you would never work so I say let it rain!! And everything has a way of working out maybe not the time or place or way we want, sometimes I can’t wait for things to happen too, I bet your yoga sessions did feel good the way it happened with a cool mist, it’s been rainy here and had to hike, work whatever in it lol, I need to be more equipped to accept things That comes my way

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