Let the Divine Perfection inside you express itself.   Let it come out.

I forget to do this all the time.  And that is why I write about it.

We are so much more than what our minds think we are.  

We Shine.  We Brighten.  We Compel.  We Sore to great heights.  We get things done!  And Well.  We are Magnificent.

Often, I write down all the things I have accomplished at the end of the day.  Especially when I think I haven’t accomplished much .  And the list is  ALWAYS  longer than I had originally thought or felt.

Try it.  Write down everything.   

I hope you recognize a more Authentic, Vibrant, Brilliant, Divine self.


Yes I have a pretty good job, just a pain sometimes, but what job isn’t a pain some days, but it pays pretty good, the problem is when his work is done and he’s out of the business I’ll have to move on, and that will be hard, but as long as he’s healthy and able it won’t go anywhere, thanks Tey for the reply’s ❤️
You can start TODAY. I hope you stop saying that you're glad the day is over. Be glad you have a great job.
I think we all often don’t look at what we do all day and reflect we just say I’m glad this day is over but think about that day is over you don’t get that day back! I do it so much! Like wow I’m tired I don’t want to see another day like today but when you realize what you said it’s really bad if you can’t get the positive out of each day, I wish now I would have looked or wrote down my day each day, but we learn from each day as well!!!

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