This Sunday, June 10th, I am teaching outdoors.  Beside practicing Pranayamas (Breathing Exercises) and Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), we will practice Warrior Poses.  

To Explore the “Warrior in Us”.  

Explore the WARRIOR in YOU.

These postures stretch and strengthen upper and lower body, as well as improve Balance.

But more importantly, they help discover Courage, Perseverance, and Self-empowerment.

They teach us to stand strong On and Off our mats.  Just as we strive to stand strong in the highest Truth of who we are, which in yoga philosophy is Peace, Love, Bliss, Divinity.   

In This particular ‘Reverse Warrior’ pose (Viparita Virabhadrasana), we gaze Upward, as if toward our Potential.  We also reach back for support.  We are thus, encouraged to call upon the Tools (meditation, self-inquiry, a regular hatha yoga practice, prayer) we need to navigate the Ego (which causes All our pain and suffering).

If you’re close to Aurora, Illinois June 10th, I hope to see you. 


Yeah if I knew the poses I guess I could do them at home kinda hard without an instructor..
You can do your own Warrior practice at home.
Love this! And would be nice if I was close, you mention it helps the ego, I sure need help with that lol, my ego has been took away for a whlle!, i know there is more to this then ego, it looks like an amazing yoga class, I know that would have to do good, like I said if I was close nothing would stop me from coming, I hope you have a great turnout ❤️

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