Life can be really scary.  But what are we afraid of?  

Are we frightened of the bad?  Or are we even more afraid of the GOOD?  The phenomenal things that could happen if we Fly high and wide and spread our wings.

Take chances.  Travel more.  Love more.  Dance more.  Sing more.  Follow your Heart.  Find you Bliss.

I just booked a ticket to China to fly out in 5 days.  It took me a week to make it happen.  And today, a student just made me realize that I would need a Visa.  Yikes!

So I’m on the internet looking for a way to get one quickly.   

I have talked about going to China.  And here I am days away from making it happen.  The opportunity presented itself and I’m GOING!

Our wings already exist.  Use them.

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