Letting Go is difficult.  

But even of things we Don’t use?  Or don’t even Like that much?  It’s a continuous struggle.  That is why I am very careful of what I bring into my home.   

Are we buying way TOO many things?  Spending way too much money because we want others to like and accept us?

Joshua Becker, writer of The More Of Less says that:


“What if…  Instead of being embarrassed over the brand of our clothing, we became embarrassed over the Enormity of our walk-in closet.

What if…  Instead of being embarrassed over the type of car we drive, we became embarrassed over how Often we take the luxury of automobile ownership for granted. 

What if…  Instead of being embarrassed because our house seems too small, we became embarrassed over the Amount of unused space within it.

What if…  Instead of being embarrassed over the quality and quantity of our possessions, we became embarrassed over How much money we have spent on our own selfish pursuits.

What if…  EXCESS became the cause of embarrassment.

And responsible living, the champion GENEROSITY became the norm.”

Let us FREE ourselves of THINGS.  To make a Positive difference in this world.  Even if just to the people close to us.


Great words back to me Tey thanks and yes I feel very content hiking it’s a stress reliever see working with an older gentleman like I do him being 86 it’s a challenging thing, so I have to have a stress reliever and refreshing day like I hope Friday, Great advice on a the instagram person, yes they didn’t know me a friend of theirs started following me, so I’m like well I will follow and just make another friend, it hurt what was said but it puts a new perspective on the real life and the social media life, I’m being more cautious of who I talk to which is not many anyway on there, but it’s all good
And always... thanks for sharing.
In yoga, we are PERFECTION. Try to find that. Maybe through some kind of meditation. How about when you hike? Do you feel Content? Like nothing is missing? And regarding the instagram person, you never know what they are going through, maybe she had a 'Real' stalker and was just taking it out on you. Try not to take ANYTHING personally because a lot of times it's not all about us. It's never all about us.
I left something out lol, this is out of place on here but feel compelled to tell someone, about a 2 weeks ago I friended someone on instagram and you know how I go on and cut up and I am very compiimentry on someone’s pictures and all, well everyone is not you or my other friends, they went on to call me a creep a pedofile and some other stuff then blocked me went to extreme of making their profile invisible I guess, then I was very upset that this had happened, because I meant no harm but unfortunately people throw around the Stalker label now, but after that I considered leaving all social media because I was I wonder what others think about me as in are they calling me a creep stalker or whatever and it hurt but I went on a kept my accounts, I guess in this world we are not always liked and shouldn’t be effected by actions of this type but I hope I’m not too of place here to say this have a great night
Tey I that’s a big subject! We all are guilty of wanting too much I know From myself and the man I work with is 86 and has a lot, in property and homes it’s hard for him to let go but knows he’s got to for him family I would feel good I think sometimes I wish I had what all he has, and I should and I am better at appreciating what I have but feel something is missing, I don’t worry about the brand of clothes and shoes I wear maybe when I was a teen Nike’s and Levi’s was my thing, but letting go of what my mom had was hard too but had to close my eyes to the junk and throw away and keep the sentimental things, but if you ask me at this moment am I happy? Yes but I feel there’s a void like I said maybe it’s wanting more money and or worried about my future when the man I work for is gone, I know I shouldn’t worry but do, but this blog touches on so much about all of us, you seem happy and have a great career in music and in teaching because it’s what you love ❤️ I could write about this all night you know me lol

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