I am not sure why I hadn’t noticed before, but EVERYONE’S living in their cell phones!  

Please explain.  I simply don’t understand this.  

It was such a perfect day to be out, and everyone’s on their phones?  




Thank you for your perspective!
Thanks Alan for your thoughts and observations on this.
Tey also intimacy, yeah a strong word but, the phone has took a lot of personal time from a date, I love to be on a date with a woman not the phone she had to look at every 20 seconds, Tey I like to look into a persons eyes watch their lips and expressions,feel their sensuality and vice versa, I try to be old fashioned romantic, but now that’s creepy to people, so they watch each other and talk and fuss on chat, FB or Whichever that must be the new norm, don’t ever change you seem to be one of a million
Tey that’s the million dollar question, We are prisoners to our phone, but I try to get away from it just lay it down but then someone calls with a problem with a house , I go to concerts turn around younger people are sitting behind me playing candy crush or whatever, and or filming the show, yes I take pictures too, but no The whole 2 or 3 hours! People on the hiking trail looking down on the phone I know it’s handy to have but enjoy nature and take a few like I do when I get to my destination! But people are afraid they will miss a text, call etc, they date each other hanging on each other’s text, you look over on the highway every one is on the phone, we have become just so dependent on these things I really have no other answer

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