On my way to class this morning, I thought of a student/peer who had not gone into a headstand again ever since she first got all the way up all by herself about a month ago.  I hadn’t been inclined to mention it.  Though I have wondered, class after class.  

But of course, when she walked in this morning, I blurted, “How come you haven’t been going up in a headstand?”.  

“I don’t know”, she answered.

When it was time for Inversions, I watched as she Steadily, Gracefully, Intently, and Confidently went up-side-down.  She went through ALL 8-steps as if she had been doing it for years.  

“You just had to say it.”  She commented after class.

I guess Someone had to say it.


Every posture is not for everyone.
Well atleast they can do the headstand, I can’t I messes with my equilibrium lol

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