Magic happens all the time.  Miracles happen all the time.  

Do you believe this? 

I do!  

I hope you do too.


Thank you for the detailed list of magic and miracles.
Yes I do know for the fact Miracles do happen! Maybe we don’t always see them are know they’re happening all around us, we recently have received a lot of rain here and lot of flooding has happened north of me, a whole town effected and people all the toward Atlanta have been drowned by wanting to play in the rapid water not me, on the flip side we done a waterfall hike Sunday saw four waterfalls and they were magnificent the power of the water I saw more then ever because I was near it but not in it, the miracle that nature can take away and give too, The unfortunate part is loss of life but you have to be smart I know there’s time that we all were daredevils, this week has seemed more like a miracle because of the bright blue sky and a little hot, and oh yeah that saved a man and his baby in a house that had got overcome with too much water, so we always say turn around not drown but yea I believe in magic and miracles maybe they always may not be what we wish but it’s all around!!

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