“A yoga teacher should be a practitioner, not merely a preacher.” - Swami Vishnudevananda

One helps the other.  I cannot teach unless I practice.  And practicing allows me to teach.  



Yea I guess I am a student, not very good lol but try hard, you are a patient person it seems like, I guess to do what you do takes a lot of patience, I’m not as patient but better, I’m glad you do what you do, I wish the world had more of people like you that love and respect and has a calming effect and positive attitude but I’m glad for just you have a nice night!!
You're a student now. But yes... I know what you mean. Soon enough
You wouldn’t have to practice and still be great, but I know what you mean, you have to keep fresh and try new things and techniques, or the same whichever works, I know you a great teacher and your students are lucky they have you or anyone is lucky to have you in their lives not getting mushy though I wouldn’t do that!! Lol maybe I can be a student of yours one day❤️

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