I recognize that how people act and respond toward me, especially if they don’t know me, has nothing to do with me at all.

So what exactly are we reacting to?  

When our peace is disturbed, we must ask ourselves this questions.  WHAT AM I REACTING TO?

Maybe understanding this will bring Back our peace.  

I drive a whole lot, and sometimes, I get bothered by impolite, or just plain rude drivers.  And my peace Is disturbed.  But why shall I let a person I don’t even know disturb my PEACE?  

We do this ALL THE TIME.  We give our Peace taken away.  We trash it.  Stash it.  Forget about it.  Let it go.  

In yoga philosophy, PEACE is our true nature.  Inner Silence.  Inner Bliss.  Inner Love.  

This is why we practice yoga.  This is why we love to play sports.  Or eat.  Or make love.  Pray.  Listen to music.  

Stop giving away Peace.  Stop letting it go.  Just Stop.

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